Red Seal Welder Exam Study Plan


Red Seal certification is an important step for the skilled trades. Your license brings rewards such as increased job security, wages and new job opportunities. The process can be costly with exam fees and missed regular/overtime shifts.
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Minimize Your Costs to Maximize the Return

To minimize your cost, you must carefully choose your study plan. Then commit
yourself to enough time to reduce your chances of a rewrite.

Making an Exam Study Plan

The Red Seal Exam is based on the curriculum. The exam will contain a specific number of questions for each topic. So how much time should you spend studying each topic? This depends on if you have written the exam in the past 3 months? If you have, then your studies should be partial based on your last exam attempt. If not, then you should follow our First Attempt Study Guide.

First Attempt Study Plan

Intended for those who have not written the exam before. Or, for those who have not written the exam in the past 3 months.

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