Red Seal Millwright Exam Preparation

The Red Seal Millwright trade demands the most diverse knowledge base and skill sets. Our Millwright exam preparation course guides our clients through each of the Red Seal topics. The course format uncovers topics of strength and need.  Our study tools help strengthen their knowledge in all topics.


Millwright Fee Schedule

1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
5 Weeks
6 Weeks
7 Weeks
8 Weeks
C2C Plan

C2C Commitment to Completion Plan

New Clients

You receive 10 weeks access prior to your initial exam. If additional exam attempts are required, you will be given 4 weeks of access prior to each additional exam attempt until successful. As well our team will review each of your exam reports and exam feedback to provide you with preparation advice for each additional exam attempt.

Current/Past Clients

To qualify for each additional 4-week period you must provide your most recent exam report for analysis. As well we strongly encourage that you keep track of specific questions and question types (calculation, procedural, etc ) from your previous attempt so that we can help. The Commitment to Completion Plan can be accessed by previous/current clients at a discounted rate. The Discounted Rate will be determined by subtracting previous purchase(s) from the price of the Commitment Plan. Duration will equal 10 weeks less your previous durations. For previous/current clients to set up the Commitment to Completion Plan please email us at

Group Discounts

Available with the following requirements:
  • Group Size: Minimum 10
  • A Complete list of all individuals within the group (First and Last Name) and email addresses to process.
  • All individuals must have the same length of duration
  • All group members must complete the enrollment on the same day (Discount Code has an expiry date).
If interested, please email us at

Please Note:

If the Minimum Group Members do not enrol on the enrolment date, all enrolments will be suspended, and enrolment fees refunded

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