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Our Reviews

"XLR8ED LEARNING is a great help in preparing for my Interprovincial Millwright Exam. With my busy schedule both at work and home, I still manage to use my spare time because of its accessibility thru phone or computer. The task quizzes and practice exam makes me understand fully with the explanation, links and videos posted after the answer and I can do as many practice tests I want. The cost is cheaper compared to other sites who offered their practice exam based on question and answer memorization or sitting in a review school which needs a time schedule. To those who want to pass the Millwright Exam, I highly recommend XLR8ED LEARNING."

I Surilla

I found it easy to use the Millwright Exam Preparation course via my browser or mobile device. Being able to quickly do exams on breaks throughout the day made a huge difference. XLR8Ed provided me with an efficient way to study anytime and anywhere. I had a difficult time prioritizing my efforts while reading various manuals until I tried this online millwright exam course. The course helped to break down my weakest areas so I could develop a study plan. Pictures, videos, and links for justification of answers helped me learn and absorb the material effectively. 24/7 access via my phone or home computer helped me balance a study schedule throughout my day. Quick responses from the staff was a pleasant surprise, and no questions I had went unanswered. I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing to write the Inter-Provincial Millwright Exam

Mark Way

I had applied for the experienced worker application through the AIT and with my current Red seal journeyman status in a cross applicable trade and work experience I was approved to challenge the Red Seal millwright exam. I had not attended technical training so I knew I needed to be prepared for the exam. I stumbled upon the xler8ed learning web site and felt it was an excellent fit for my challenge. The sites study curriculum followed the same task break down outlined by the AIT. Although the questions aren’t guaranteed to be on the exam it showed you the tasks you were strong in and which you needed work on. It also gave me practice writing the final exam and timed me in doing so. I passed the IP on the first attempt and felt confident going in and coming out. I would highly recommend using this sites exam preparation for individuals in similar circumstances or for those that need that extra pre exam preparation to help build confidence. Best investment I made to help further my career.

Jason Nadeau

I am from Australia and living in Canada, I am an industrial millwright back home and I wanted to be qualified over in Canada aswell. I was incredibly happy with the program and all the information it offered helped me pass the test. All the information was explained clearly and it was easy to follow. I struggled finding the information needed without using the program and dont think I could have done it without the help from Xlr8ed Learning. 10/10 for sure.

Max Wayte