The XLR8ed Skilled Trade Exam Study Plan

course format - XLR8eLearning
Exam Structure

To prepare for your skilled trade exam, it is vital to know what topics will be on the exam and in what weighting.  These details are set by the governing body of the trade. The curriculum for Red Seal Trades is set out in the Red Seal Program. The Red Seal Curriculum defines key Tasks and Sub-Tasks as well, specifies the percentage of each that can be expected on the exam.  The XLR8ed course format guides our clients through the curriculum topic by topic to ensure full coverage.

Self Assess

A key to success with comprehensive skilled trade exams is to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. This allows for efficient concentration of study time, where it is most needed. The XLR8ed course format provides quizzes for each of the defined tasks/topics to allow for self-assessment. As well, each course offers a Practice Exam structured with the appropriate weighting of each task/topic to help with time management preparation. Each of our courses have a substantial Question Bank (800 to 1600 questions depending upon the trade) from which our quizzes and exams are randomly generated

Review and Reflect

Questions and answer are not enough to adequately prepare. Why is the answer correct? Why are the others wrong? Each of our questions come with a complete Answer Justification (explanation) with graphics and videos where appropriate. Our quizzes and exams are randomly generated from our exam bank for each trade. Depending upon the trade our exam banks contain from 800 to over 1600 questions.


Upon review of each Topic Quiz submission, the answer explanation should be reviewed to understand why the answers are correct. Topic quizzes should be attempted repeatedly until mastery is achieved. The practice quizzes and exam will change with each attempt but will be based on the same content.

Exam Anxiety Management

Exam Anxiety is normal. However, unmanaged exam anxiety can have negative effects on performance. Our courses offer strategies on managing this anxiety. Question analysis and review is skill that is developed best by repeated attempts on questions and reviewing the answer justification