The Machinist Trade has evolved dramatically in the past 20 years with the widespread adoption of CNCs and development of revolutionary cutting materials and tooling. Our courses are designed to aid our clients in identifying their knowledge and understanding in each of the designated Red Seal Tasks and focus on areas of need.

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Exam preparation courses typically employ questions and answers. To effectively prepare for comprehensive exams such as a Red Seal Exam more is needed. Memorization of all answers to every question is not practical nor realistic. The real power is understanding why the answer is correct. Our courses offer randomized quizzes for each of the Red Seal Trade Tasks. The quizzes allow our clients to assess their understanding of each task and focus on areas of need. All of our questions provide a full answer justification/explanation to help our clients understand why the answer is correct. Understanding eliminates the need for memorizing.

Progress Tracking empowers our clients to strategically prepare for their exam. Every quiz taken is reviewable allowing for the review of questions, answer justifications as well as tracking of grade progress. Improvement tracking of Tasks, allow for optimum progression from one task/topic to the next.

Our courses offer Randomized Quizzes for each Topic/Task to help our clients focus their studies. Once all of the Tasks have been adequately studied there is a Practice Red Seal Exam. This exam is structured identically to the real exam in the following ways:

  • Same number of overall questions

  • Same number of task specific questions

  • Timing
    Our Question Bank for each trade has between 800 and 1600 questions

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